About A.C.E.


Active Citizens for Education (ACE) is a Madison based nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to changing the "ways we conduct the business of public education" in Madison.

ACE is committed to identifying, analyzing and presenting reliable information about issues concerning curriculum, instruction, administration and operation of the Madison Metropolitan School District.  It is expected this information will assist in stimulating widespread public debate and increasing enlightened decision-making by the public and policy-makers to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and performance of the Board of Education, administration, staff and pupils of the District.

The mission of ACTIVE CITIZENS for EDUCATION is to
  1. Provide a broadly-based forum to openly and objectively consider education issues of public interest in the Madison Metropolitan School District;
  2. Develop insights and understanding about education issues of public interest;
  3. Formulate forums and statements on education issues to engage the public in discussion;
  4. Communicate, collaborate and network with public and private organizations; parents, teachers and staff; and public officials regarding education issues to:
    1. Promote a balance in decision-making processes regarding education policies, administration and delivery;
    2. Enhance the leadership and management of the resources and assets of the District;
    3. Encourage and support a viable financial and educational enterprise;
    4. Improve accountability of students, staff and Board for performance and achievement results;
    5. Strive for excellence in professional and organizational development in the Madison Metropolitan School District.
The objectives of ACE are to
  1. Research and provide reliable information on educational and operational issues.
  2. Communicate substantive information on education issues to the public and Board of Education.
  3. Communicate alternative ways in which the Board of Education and school district can change the ways in which they conduct their business.
  4. Hold the Board and administration more accountable as “stewards of the resources and assets” of the school district.
  5. Increase public participation in school issues.
  6. Increase voter turnout on educational issues.
The expected outcomes from the Mission of ACE are
  1. More focused and implemented core educational mission on instruction and curriculum.
  2. An improved and more balanced decision-making process and decisions, representative of the whole community, regarding educational policy, administration and delivery.
  3. Increased fiscal responsibility in revenue generation and spending.
  4. Articulated curriculum and instructional policies with appropriate front-end research, experiential and cost-benefit data; district-specific benchmarks and standards; and, results-oriented and outcome evaluation criteria and reporting.

Contact Don Severson at A.C.E. for additional information about important issues concerning the Madison Metropolitan School District.