Current Topics

ACE is committed to identifying, analyzing and presenting reliable information about issues concerning curriculum, instruction, administration and operation of the Madison Metropolitan School District.  It is expected this information will assist in stimulating widespread public debate and increasing enlightened decision-making by the public and policy-makers to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and performance of the Board of Education, administration, staff and pupils of the District.
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1. Achievement Comparisons: Local, State and National
2. Administration Costs and Administration Staffing Levels
3. Budgeting Process
4. Child Care: After School Programs & Services
5. Collaboration: City, County, School Districts, UW, MATC, etc.
6. Curriculum Policies
7. District Per Pupil Costs
8. Early Childhood Education: Pre-K, K-4
9. Employer Support of Parents
10. English as a Second Language
11. Financial Education
12. Fund 80: Community Services
13. Fundraising & Foundations
14. Grade Promotion Policy and Results
15. Human Resources
16. Instructional Roles: Teachers, Staff & Parents
17. Leadership & Management Roles
18. Maintenance & Upgrades: Building and Grounds
19. Math Curriculum & Methodologies
20. Minority Achievement Gap
21. Parents Roles in Student Learning
22. Procurement Policies
23. Professional Development: Teachers & Administrators
24. Reading Curriculum & Methodologies
25. Referenda
26. Social Services: District Roles
27. Special Education
28. Technology in Curriculum and Instruction
29. Testing State Programs and Results
30. Transportation Policies

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